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May 13, 2021

Construction News: Improving Access, Expanding Possibilities

Are you planning a Library visit? Here are some things you need to know as we begin construction to improve access at both the Fishers and Noblesville libraries. The Fishers and Noblesville Libraries will remain open during regular operating hours. Any brief closures will be posted to our website.

We’re improving access for all ages and expanding possibilities within our spaces, beginning with exterior work in our parking lots. As we move towards the summer months, you will notice construction crews on-site at our Fishers and Noblesville libraries. In the coming days and weeks, construction fencing will go up at each building as we begin the work in our parking lots.

We plan to optimize the use of our spaces, improve traffic flow, provide access to green spaces, expand parking, and create outdoor amenities to provide activities and program opportunities for all ages, including those with disabilities.


Below is a glimpse of what’s happening at each library.

The Fishers library renovation will focus on improved traffic flow and parking, integration of the south entrance with the Nickel Plate trail, redesigning the north entrance to become the new main entrance, expanding the north side parking, and adding outdoor experiences and enhancements to our Youth Services areas, including the Childrens’ and Teen Zone areas.

Fishers Library Parking-In the coming weeks, crews will be on-site and you will notice construction fencing going up around our North and East lots. Visitors should enter through our main entrance (South Entrance) off Municipal Drive. Parking in our South lot and throughout the surrounding Nickel Plate District will be available.  As the construction work on our parking lot progresses, it will coincide with the Nickel Plate Trail Pedestrian Tunnel project of the City of Fishers.  As you travel to the library, it may help to understand planned traffic detours in the area. You can view maps of the City of Fishers traffic detours here. Public parking access will remain open.


The Noblesville library renovation will focus on improved traffic flow and parking, plus updates to the front façade, including ​necessary carpet replacement and improved lobby area lighting. We are creating indoor and outdoor experiences, expanding our Indiana Room, and improving second-floor access.

Noblesville Library Parking In the coming days, crews will be on-site, and construction fencing will be installed around our North lot. Visitors to the Children’s area of the library should enter through our main entrance and use the stairs or elevators to the lower-level youth services area.

Watch for our “Improving Access, Expanding Possibilities” graphic in our monthly Bright Ideas by signing up here and check our HEPL website for construction updates.