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April 20, 2015

Call Me Zelda

Call Me ZeldaCall Me Zelda

By: Erika Robuck

Call Me Zelda by Erika Robuck is an enthralling book recommendation for anyone seeking historical fiction. Robuck weaves fiction and fact together as she tells the story of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald throughout the 1920s to the time of her death. The story focuses on Zelda’s fragile mental state, specifically when she started being committed to mental institutions.

This story is told in first person through the eyes of Zelda’s fictional nurse, Anna. Throughout the story Anna deals with her own personal loss while becoming fast friends with Zelda and her family. She witnesses Fitzgerald’s battle with self-doubt and alcoholism, as well as Zelda’s attempts at piecing her sanity back together. Perhaps because of Zelda’s troubled state and Anna’s sad past, they bond and become true friends, not just nurse and patient.

There is more fiction than historical fact in this book. However, Robuck does an excellent job of documenting the tensions and tenderness between F. Scott and Zelda. While I realize this may not sound like the most uplifting read of the year, it is gripping and focuses on friendship, love and the different types of support systems needed throughout our lives. If you ever enjoyed one of F. Scott’s works or dreamed of life as a flapper, this book is definitely worth your time!

Review By: Kirsten Edwards