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May 06, 2015

Before I Go

Before I GoBefore I Go

By: Colleen Oakley

As a dynamic and lively 27 year old, Daisy is living a quiet and pleasant life with her absent-minded husband Jack, puttering along in their day -to-day lives. Three years prior, she fought and beat breast cancer, and has spent the years since focusing on her studies, supporting Jack as he moves through intensive veterinary programs, and fixing up the old house she loves so dearly.

On the eve of celebrating her “Cancerversary”, Daisy receives devastating news from her doctor – the cancer she fought three years ago has returned as a stage four aggressive diagnosis. Asking for the realistic time frame, Daisy is shocked to find out that at best, she may have four to six months. The finality of death is very real, and the enormity of what she will leave behind is overwhelming. She is scared for herself, but more for her husband – a lovable yet absent-minded man who very much needs the support of his wife to make sure his socks are washed and he remembers to eat. After absorbing the shock of her impending death, Daisy realizes that as her final act, she must find a woman who will love Jack and take her place after she’s gone.

As the story unfolds, we watch Daisy struggle to define the type of woman she would want to take her place as Jack’s wife. As Daisy’s days pass, it becomes evident that this quest is somewhat of an attempt to control one piece – the most important piece – of her life, as it begins to slip away. Her preoccupation with Jack’s well-being pushes the fears, sadness, and anger that she’s experiencing to the bottom, until she can no longer ignore her fate.

This moving, touching tale is anything but cliche, as the reader empathizes with Daisy as she struggles with love and loss. The story is genuine, sweet, and moving but also paints a realistic portrayal of what is most important when we are at risk of losing it all.

Review By: Jessica Diehl