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January 19, 2016

Beauty Queens

Beauty QueensBeauty Queens

By: Libba Bray

This book begins with a plane crash. That may sound very depressing and cliched, but fear not! The crash is the end of the depressing stuff (unless you count running out of mascara). Follow the 13 Miss Teen Dream contestants as they struggle to survive and find food, shelter and water all while practicing their talent competition routines and working on their tans.

This book is a delightful journey into mean girls, beauty pageants, evil corporations, sexy pirates, boy bands, and dysfunctional parenting all served with a heaping helping of satire. I laughed through the entire thing while happily cheering the girls on as they learned to shed their pageant dance routines for the more practical moves of self defense and jungle warfare.

This book is Lord of the Flies meets Mean Girls stuck in a Reality TV show format! Recommended for teens age 14 and older.

Review By: Julie Armstrong